September 29, 2015 @ 03:28 PM

King of Clubs: off-roading RC cars

King of Clubs 2015 is coming up very soon, let’s throwback to the first time the competition ever went underway.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on our FB and website you probably know how proud we are to introduce a new and improved RC challenge for KOC. Not only has our partners Tamiya gleefully swapped those simple electric cars we had last year to giant Nitromethane chugging monsters, we’ve also moved that simple duct-tape tarmac track to a 1km long dirt track.
While we let that dirt track idea sink in and let your imagination run wild with the hills and the downward slopes that are so steep that you could literally see the cars separate themselves from the dirt. Let’s hop back in time to 2014 when we first held our inaugural RC challenge.
Last year, while RC corner was not the most happening it did provide tons of surprise for our participants. Perhaps you can say that the participants did not expect the car that was ten times a normal car’s size to be harder to handle than they expected. It had required the participants every ounce of their driving skills to make the car avoid the Red Bull cans and squarish track laid out in duct tape.

At the end of the day, BMW E30 Malaysia had outmanoeuvred the rest and came out on top of the score boards with the fastest overall time. VW Club Malaysia came in second while Club Audi Malaysia made it to third. Club Audi Malaysia’s member Qhalis Najmi took home the fastest time in the challenge.

The RC challenge proved the hardest challenge of 2014. Our top runner Lotus Official Club Malaysia only earned the fifth fastest time in the challenge, this was the only challenge that put a dent in the team’s string of second spots across the score board. While second place Volvo Enthusiast Club Malaysia came in sixth. 

If those pesky electric cars were already a handful what would happen to our participants with the larger Nitromethane cars? Find out during King of Clubs 2015! 

Jerrica Leong 

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