September 25, 2015 @ 04:34 PM

Start your engines! King of Clubs is back

In 2014, CAR Magazine Malaysia kicked off our inaugural event King of Clubs, now it’s back for the second round.

We might have hit a lot of road blocks in the process of planning King of Clubs 2014, but the event had went on smoothly and ended on a high note. It was even hugely talked about months after we gave away the trophy! A second round was definitely called for after the first had gone brilliantly well but we want to make it bigger.
So it’s goodbye Shah Alam and hello Pullman Putrajaya, invitations were sent out to both last year’s European teams and to Japanese teams that we could find and are willing to join. We’ve even got a Ford to join in the fun and games this year! Did we mention that KOC 2015 will be held on an airfield behind the hotel?
Yes, KOC is now held at the open airfield behind Pullman Putrajaya. That means we get a bigger GRA field and we get to add more challenges to test out the participants’ skills. The Gymkhana station will make a comeback but it’s not the only challenge that became bigger than life though, the RC challenge now has a bigger playing field as well compared to the duct tape tarmac track we had last year, this year we’re taking the RC cars off road!
The Simulator challenge has been transferred over to 2015 as well because what is KOC if we don’t send you into virtual reality for an hour or two? While Go-Karts and Trivia will not be making a comeback this year, we’ve added Precision Driving, Pit-stop challenge and Treasure Hunt to fill in the gaps.
A special shout-out goes to our special sponsors. Mymotors will be sponsoring the Gymkhana challenge while Kurnia is providing us with cars over at the Precision Driving corner. Falken will bring around the tyres for participants to swap. Let’s not forget our main title sponsor Petronas Primax 97! 
Mark your dates, 3rd October for the Asian car club battle and 4th October for the Euro car clubs’ performance, and we’ll see you there at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeview from 8am-6pm. Everybody who is anybody is invited because you don’t want to miss out on our carnival XLR8 as well!
Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us at #carmagmy #koc #xlr8MYlife #PrimaxAcceleration #mymotor #MYUrbanHunting #safetywins #falkenmalaysia. 
Jerrica Leong 

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