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Men of metal with hearts of gold


Kelab Volvo Klasik(KVK) are guided by the passion for cars, united in their cause for charity….

The day dawned nice and bright. The meeting point for the drive was the Shell at the Sungai Besi toll on the North South Highway at 8.30am. Punctuality was at its best and the members all arrived in gleaming machines and equally gleaming spirits.

What comes to mind when you think of Volvo? Safety, history and performance pedigree to a certain extent. Volvo can often be related to as a company which is innovative, safe and create probably the most dependable work horses in terms of cars and lorries.

When the Kelab Volvo Klasik Malaysia (KVK) announced what they had planned for the 13th of December 2015, needless to say the emotions involved were both overwhelming and intriguing. This club was formed in 1997 and has a membership of about a hundred, all of whom own beautiful classic Volvos, mainly the 122S, 123GT and the P1800.

These men of Swedish metal were about show the true meaning of Christmas and their softer side. The members of KVK had decided to play Santa Claus to underprivileged children by organising a drive to multiple homes in Selangor to distribute school bags and goodie bags.

First stop on the agenda was the Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih in Jalan Reko in Taman Bangi, Kajang with about 20 or more children. As we arrived the look of excitement on the children’s faces can only be said to be contagious as the whole atmosphere was immediately brightened. The children and residents were served a sumptuous breakfast provided by the KVK. The members of KVK had a sit down with the kids for food and laughter.

Next up, was the main reason behind the visit, to present school bags containing shoes, uniform and basic stationary. Goodie bags were also distributed to the senior residents of the home. Thereafter KVK’s representative gave a heartfelt speech motivating the kids to study hard and achieve their goals. Finally the club members left having raised the spirits and having brought joy to these little children.

The next reward was at the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai in Taman Jasmin, Kajang. The agenda was same as the above, this time lunch was shared with the children and gifts distributed to much merriment and joy. The children danced and sang for the club’s members.

The final stop was the Shelter Home for Children in Jalan Tinggi, Petaling Jaya. Our men on a mission braved the heavy downpour in cars from the 1960s; some were without air-conditioning and therefore had to deal with misted windscreens. Upon arrival tea was shared with the residents and the presents were distributed. Again there was a lot of merrymaking and motivational speeches given.

This drew the mission to an end for the year, as the members got into their Classic Volvos and left, the overarching notion is that KVK had not only brought joy to a group of children who deserve it, but also brighten their hopes of the future. KVK are already in talks for a repeat in 2016.
Niishal Kumar    

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