October 13, 2015 @ 05:39 PM

Time to head back into virtual reality in King of Clubs

The simulator challenge is one of the segments that made it back onto our list of challenges, how did we top last year’s competition? Continue reading to find out.

Malat Bimmer returned to King of Clubs with a vengeance! Not only did we spotted the team wondering around spying on the Asian clubs on Saturday, they also came prepared with walkies and a few bicycles to travel the area that King of Clubs had spanned. Trust me when I say that it was quite a walk from the Gymkhana track all the way to the simulator corner and RC track!
With last year’s simulator champions VERV joining the Saturday teams, there was nobody to fight and retain the crown in the simulator challenge on Sunday. So with the gauntlet thrown Malat Bimmer had stepped up with their colourful T-shirts to take the prize. Have you guys been practicing? We wonder.
We’ve retained the Le Mans style racing for our simulator challenges with a compulsory three laps for every driver and a compulsory pit stop to swap. We measured the teams with the times they have scored, the fastest times would bring home the shiny medal as the simulator champions. 
This year, we’ve swapped Fuji Speedway to the famed Laguna Seca, complete with that famous corkscrew and all, and instead of racing around in a Pagani Zonda R, participants powered around a 2008 Nissan GT-R. Gran Turismo 5 had never been more intense!
As you know Malat Bimmer had taken the best overall time for Sunday with a total time of 25.48.136. We expected VERV to defend their title on Saturday against a whole new set of teams, but it was Antera that topped the timesheets with a time of 26.22.650. 
Congratulations to the winners!
For more results, click on the image to enlarge it.
Jerrica Leong 

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