October 16, 2015 @ 12:18 PM

Precision is the key

King of Clubs sent our participants back to driving school. A very intense driving school at that!

We’ve come full circle with King of Clubs 2015. First we had the participants show us how well they drive in Gymkhana, then we tested their skills with cars eight times the size of their normal rides, after that we sent them into virtual reality to see how they work together when faced with a Le Mans race, right before we tested out their skills on changing the tyres on a car.
The final test was to show us how well they react when faced with a safety driving track, in a car that is foreign to them. Kurnia Malaysia had provided the trio of Perodua Myvis for this challenge, making it a fair run for every single one of our participants. That way nobody can argue whose car is more powerful and whose car has got more ANCAP ratings, we all know the Volvos will win that argument!
Why is this safety driving? Well, how would you react when the car in front emergency brakes? Braking is the right answer but what if you’re moving too fast that momentum would not allow you to stop in time? Avoid is the best answer and that is the precision driving track’s way of testing your reaction out.
How precise can they turn their cars? Or how will they react to avoiding a collision when in the parking lot? We’re surprised at how well our participants react to each sequence and we’re happy to report that mostly everybody had passed the track with flying colours.
Antera Motorsport had conquered the Precision Driving course on Saturday, beating out champions Toyota MR2/ MRS by a margin of points. Ford on the other hand had a close call on Sunday, almost losing out to last year’s champions Lotus Official Club Malaysia by just one point! 
We want to give a round of applause to the one and only girl who took on King of Clubs 2015 this year! She wasn’t afraid to flaunt her abilities by showing off her safety driving skills!
Now that King of Clubs 2015 has drawn to a close, let’s focus on next year. We’re ready for a tougher and more challenging safety driving simulator!
Jerrica Leong 

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