October 15, 2015 @ 02:19 PM

King of Club’s pit engineer tryouts?

We’re preparing our participants for Motorsport pit crew training. Roll in the air-guns and spare tyres! Let the Pitstop Challenge begin!

King of Clubs is proud to present this brand new challenge that we’re fashioned just for our participants. We don’t only want to know how well they drive, in the real world and virtual reality, we also want to know how they would manage a car eight times the size of their daily drives. This year, we also want to know how well they know their cars underneath the metal, so here come the pitstop challenge.
As you know, this challenge had been in the making since before the KOC 2014 happened as we had intended to try out our participants skills in the workshop. But unfortunately we had to hold it back and thanks to our sponsors from Falken Malaysia, we managed to pull it off this year! 
Driving is all about skills but what about when it comes to servicing their cars? This requires precision and knowledge. So how many of our participants know how to change a tyre? The pitstop challenge had proved to us who does. 
Everything had gone smoothly for the Pitstop challenge with just one hiccup on Saturday where one of the nuts had refused to come off the wheel. But come Sunday, horror of all horrors, one of the screws had decided to snap itself away from the car. So, only two wheels can be changed for the remaining participants and to make it fair, we had invited those that have already went and swapped all four tyres were to have a rematch.
At the end of the day the joke was which club was capable of making into the pit crew of motorsport garages because we’ve prepared a few air-guns for our participants to play with. Congratulations to the Mini team for scoring the best time on Sunday with a 2 minute 57 second and Antera Motorsport for their 3 minute 49 on Saturday! You guys are one step closer to becoming part of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team! (Only joking!)
Thanks to our sponsors Falken Malaysia for providing the props for our challenge.
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Jerrica Leong 

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