October 09, 2015 @ 05:21 PM

Who topped the timesheets of the Gymkhana challenge in King of Clubs 2015?

We’ve kept you guys on the edge of your seats all week! Here are the results of King of Clubs 2015 challenge for both days!

While this is the Gymkhana challenge is one of the highlights of King of Clubs, it would be hard pressed to say that the Autocross and Precision Driving corner was “crowded”. You see, the Gymkhana Challenge was relegated to the far end of Pullman Putrajaya, so it was a long walk from any form of habitation towards that corner especially in the massive haze we experienced on Saturday, if you get what I mean.
But we’re not complaining if it meant that our drivers will get to have their fun on an airfield. So while the general public had forgone the walk from the RC challenge and Tarmac Warriors area all the way up to the airfield, our teams had gladly driven their Autocross cars over to take part. They had no idea what they have installed for them over at the track.
To say that the Autocross track was “hard” was an understatement. On Saturday we have 18 out of the 26 participants that were brave enough to take part in the challenge score a time in the challenge while only 16 out of 45 drivers on Sunday had managed to score a time and the rest had accumulated the maximum time penalty for doing a “wrong course”.
We’re not about to show you that dreaded cone that everybody had missed but we can tell you that the Toyota MR2/MRS club had scored the fastest accumulated time overall even though only three drivers did not manage a wrong course. Mazda MX-5 had four times for us to pick and choose, but the three fastest times they accumulated was not enough to beat MR2/ MRS’s time. 
The Ford team was the victor on Sunday beating back E30 Club Malaysia by a margin with Club Audi Malaysia slotting themselves in third with only two recorded times. 
Without further ado, I give you the King of Clubs 2015 Gymkhana Challenge results! (Click to enlarge)

The King of Clubs 2015 Gymkhana challenge is sponsored by MyMotor.

Jerrica Leong 

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