October 29, 2014 @ 04:06 PM

News: The most exclusive D-max ever

The D-Max’s formidable performance is now complemented by unique style as well. Report by Arvind Kumar

The D-Max’s formidable performance is now complemented by unique style as well. Report by Arvind Kumar

Ever wanted a car that goes anywhere, provides staggering fuel economy and great looks? Well, it’s not exactly a car. It’s the new Isuzu D-Max Artic. Draped in a very exclusive Silky White Pearl paintjob, and sporting cool LED daytime running lights, it’s sure to make a statement wherever the road will take you. On or off it.

The Artic comes with two engine choices, a 2.5-litre variable-geometry turbodiesel which pumps out 134bhp and 320Nm of torque. And a 3.0-litre turbodiesel which pumps out a healthy 175bhp and 380Nm of torque. Power is transmitted through five-speed auto equipped with Sequential shift option in both guises.

Also new to the Artic are the gorgeous 17-inch LENSO polished-face alloys that were custom made for this car. Down the sides, the Artic is equipped with aggressive side body cladding that further enhances the truck’s stance and side profile. And at the back, owners can also choose between having roll-bars or the streamlined V-Lid cargo bay cover depending on their preference. 

Once inside, drivers are first greeted by the sleek rocker plates beside the seats. The seats are further draped in premium Italian leather hemmed in contrasting brown hue to add a sense of luxury and comfort. The airy cabin pace is complemented by a six-speaker live surround system which utilizes two ‘Exciter’ speakers which hide within the cabin lining. The whole lot is controlled by a Blaupunkt multimedia DVD player which also beams the reverse camera output.

Elsewhere, the interior architecture is also enhanced with premium brown wood accents which are formed into the door panels and centre console. A cool breeze is only a button touch away with climate control air-conditioning. While all important drive telemetry is beamed through an e-Lumax Multi information display on the meter panels.

The range starts off at RM103,698 for the 2.5-litre roll-bar variant all the way to RM112,760 for the Artic 3.0-litre fitted with the cool V-Lid. The roll-bar costs RM1,200 while the V-Lid carries a premium of RM5,500. You have to hurry to your nearest Isuzu dealer though, there are only 510 units on offer spread between the two variants and they’re getting snapped up fast.

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