November 19, 2015 @ 05:43 PM

500,000 Honda vehicles sold... and counting

Since its establishment in 2000, Honda Malaysia has put half a million cars on the road

500,000. That’s the total number of Honda vehicles on the road since 2000, the year that the Japanese carmaker decided to set up shop in Malaysia. Break it down simply and the math equates to about 33,333 vehicles per year for 15 years. And that’s a lot.

Of the 500,000 units, Honda City and Civic claims 209,056 units and 79,864 units respectively from the grand total. This means that the City took 40% of the pie while the Civic gets a 15% slice to the total. Notably, newcomer HR-V has managed to chalk up 16,115 units since February.

Speaking of 2015, Honda Malaysia have sold 74,920 units between January and October of this year. October also saw a record-high booking of 12,713 units, which puts Honda squarely on track to achieve the company’s 85,000 units annual target. Currently, and somewhat unsurprisingly, Honda Malaysia continues to lead the Non-National Segment.

To keep up with the orders, Honda’s No. 2 Line has doubled its production capacity to 100,000 units in January last year and has opened the new PDI Yard 3 in August  to accommodate the increase in CKD models as well as to speed up deliveries.

Honda Malaysia have also expanded its presence in East Malaysia by establishing a new Logistics Hub in Sabah and Sarawak. Honda’s new Regional Office is located in Kota Kinabalu, giving the carmaker a good foothold for their East Malaysia expansion. 

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