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Honda’s authorised window tints

Like Toyota, Honda now has an authorised window tint film to offer to all Honda customers.

Like Toyota, Honda now has an authorised window tint film to offer to all Honda customers.

Now when you purchase a current selling model from Honda you will have the option to cover your screens with Honda’s authorised window tint films at an affordable price. There are four types of tint films on offer from 3M and Ecotint.
Honda Malaysia has gone through a stringent research process to ultimately come to the decision to offer tint films from the brands 3M and Ecotint. 3M imports their films from both Japan and Korea while the films from Ecotint are manufactured by Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd. in Japan. 
Don’t worry if you will get into trouble with the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Honda Malaysia has ensured that the films are available at various thickness at permissible level of visible light transmittance. The films also use non-metallised and low infrared rejection films to ensure that there is no interference of electromagnetic signals when using the GPS and Smart Tag.
The window tinting films also offers the benefits of convenience such as transferable ownership for warranty, nationwide after sales support as well as shorter and safer installation process for customers. Honda customers who purchase the window tint will also enjoy a 5 years warranty from the date of installation.
With the authorised tinting film will enable 3M and Ecotint to pre-heat and pre-cut their films specifically for all Honda vehicles so the installation process will be shortened and lessen the risk of damaging the surrounding rubber and plastic parts and reduce the scratches on the windows that will happen due to the cutting process.
An after sales support for all tint related issues at all 82 authorised Honda dealers nationwide is available for all customers who have their cars tinted at the dealers as well to provide the customers with the best in service.

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Prices are as follows: 

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