November 24, 2015 @ 03:12 PM

A special warranty for your used car!

Goo Warranty package offers a first-of-its kind warranty package for used car punters

Pick one, a brand-spanking new Mazda 2 hatchback or a 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI with less than 60,000kms on the clock? Yes, the purchase of any vehicle these days is ridden with a plethora of new car deals and an overabundance of used car persuasions. The state of matters is mostly solidified by now, buy new and enjoy piece of mind – or enjoy better presence and power at half the price (or cheaper), just save the mechanic’s cell phone number speed dial and be ready to invite him for the next family function.
The Goo Warranty begs to differ, and for the first time in Malaysia, aims to offer used-car buyers with the option of an extended warranty package. Proto Malaysia, Car Credo Malaysia and Opal Auto mart have joined forces to offer complete piece of mind with the introduction of the warranty service that will come into effect in January of 2016.
Both Proto and Car Credo have their roots within the Japanese automotive industry and now aim to bring their combined expertise and experience to the used car spheres of Malaysia. Goo Kantei was created by Car Credo Japan in 2006, as a non-profit organisation which specialises in the non-partisan inspection and verification of used cars, backed by a team of experts conforming to the exclusive inspection standards of the Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAA). 
Here’s how it works, the Car Credo team consisting of highly experienced personnel from Japan conduct a maximum 344-point inspection comprising the vehicle’s structure, bodywork and powertrain. Each car is then awarded formal report and rating, along with a Goo Kantei certificate of fitness. 
At this point, the inspection certificate can be offered by used car dealers or private sellers who wish to substantiate their cars quality with the added certification, or be used pre-requisite to qualify for the Goo Warranty. The Goo Warranty will cover any unforeseen repair and parts replacement costs for the first 12-months after the date of purchase – giving punters complete peace of mind during this very crucial period of ownership. 
To be eligible for the Goo Warranty, the vehicle must be registered for private use and be not more than eight years old with not more than 100,000km existing mileage covered. The Goo Warranty is powered by Opal and utilises its strong network comprising 124 authorised panel centres to develop the Goo Warranty service within Malaysia. Itching for the Golf GTI yet?


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