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The all-new benchmark in BMW luxury motoring takes centre stage

The long wait for the (G11) BMW 7 Series is over, now set to redefine opulence fresh out of the box

It’s a list of news and ground-breaking techhnology with the singular aim of redefining the requirements of what it means to sit at the very top of luxury-limo motoring. And if you do get the chance to see, touch and smell the all-new ‘G11’ 7 Series, there’s no arguing BMW has come out with all Bavarian guns blazing. 

The Malaysian market receives two variants. Namely the BMW 730Li and 740Li. 
Visually, the all-new 7 Series has grown by some 19mm to 5238mm over the last generation making it the largest series-produced BMW ever. The elegant and stately design is headlined by the long bonnet, short front overhangs, stretched-back passenger compartment and a downward-sloping roofline.
The Active Air Stream kidney grille features a visible air flap control which only opens/closes depending on cooling requirements, and is flanked by streamlined familiar full-LED BMW twin circular headlights at the fronts. Look closely (on the 740Li) to find a blue-horizontal bar – denoting the BMW Laser headlights that offer a 600meter illumination when in high-beam. 19-inch wheels spice up the flanks for both variants. 
The 730Li is powered by an inline-four 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo producing 258bhp between 5500rpm and 6000rpm and 400Nm of torque between 1550rpm and 4000rpm. The tiny but capable four-cylinder engine helps the 730Li to a 6.3sec century sprint time onto a top speed of 250kph. Carbon emissions are rated at 134g/km CO2 while 5.8l/100km is the nominal best consumption rating.
While the 740Li utilises a six-cylinder inline TwinPower Turbo from the BMW EfficientDynamics range resulting in a 326bhp between 5500rpm and 6500rpm while a whopping 450Nm is on tap anywhere between 1380- and 5000rpm. The fuel consumption tally stands at 6.6l/100km and 154g/km CO2. 
In both cases, the engines are mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox equipped with Steptronic. 
Flanking under the BMW EfficientDynamics suite – is a host of technological improvements such as a completely new chassis integrating air suspension, and highly advanced chassis control systems.
Carbon Core is a new term – a cross-pollination of tech from the company’s ‘I’ range, the BMW 7 Series is the first car in its segment to have Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), in addition to a concoction of aluminium, high-strength steel components and magnesium making up the car’s shell.
The structure is supported at all ends by a a self-levelling two-axle air suspension system with Dynamic Damper Control. A standard offering for the first time. The system allows the car to be lowered when at high speeds (lower by 10mm when speeds exceed 120kph) or raised when at mid to low traffic speeds.  
The car’s driving demeanour is managed via four selectable drive modes  - COMFORT, SPORT, ECO PRO and for the first time, ADAPTIVE, which intuitively matches all its responses the driver’s needs. New too, is the active-roll stabilisation which is carried out electromechanically. This allows the body roll forces to be equalised in a quick and precise manner when taking bends at speed. 

But for the most part, it isn’t a 7 Series until there is a barrage of cutting-edge tech.To that effect, the all-new 7 Series takes interior design, finish and creature comforts from the realm of cars to that of themed private jet flights.
For one, the 7 Series is operated like no other BMW before it. There’s a new steering wheel, gear selector, digital instrument cluster and new iDrive menu structure and screen layout. The iDrive knob controller remains but the big news is a touch-sensitive 10.25-inch display which is operated like any smartphone or tablet and finally, the groundbreaking ‘gesture control’. A 3D infrared camera hiding near the cabin light scans hand motions, for example, to control the volume or let you play Darth Vader if you’d rather not answer incoming calls. 
Four-zone climate control is standard as is electrically adjustable rear seats. Which now a includes massage function and the aptly called Vitality Programme – this allows rear passengers to partake in up to eight different settings of physical (Yoga-like) exercises for recuperation purposes.
Another (removable) seven-inch tablet resides in the rear-centre console which allows access all comfort and entertainmant related functions. Which is child’s-play compared to one of the other 7 Series world-firsts, the Sky Lounge glass-roof. In the day, a conventional panoramic glass roof with slide and tilt functions, and at night, a lighting extravaganza comprising 15,000 (that’s not a typo) lighting elements in the glass pane to create an ambience of utter serenity within the cabin. 
Other innovations include the BMW Display key, which is just short of a smartphone, allows users to check the fill level of the fuel tank, the current vehicle range, the status of the central locking system, windows, glass roof and service prompts. One can even prep the air-conditioning and ventilation systems within the vehicle. 
While Driving Assistant Plus combines Lane Departure Warning Assistant with active side collision protection and rear collision prevention and cross-traffic warning at the fronts to provide for a 360-degree forcefield of active safety. The system works at all roads up to speeds of 210kph.
The all-new 7-Series comes in two variants at the outset, including a colossal discount coinciding with the automaker’s centennial year celebrations. But for just how long will the discount stay relevant you ask?
Mr. Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia explains, “As a leading premium automotive brand in the country, our aim has always been to create value for our customers and fans here. With this objective in mind, we are kickstarting our celebrations this year by introducing our first car for the year 2016, the all-new BMW 7 Series with a special 100th Year Anniversary Celebrations pricing which is only limited to the cars registered within the year.” 
The retail prices on the road, sans insurance inclusive BMW Group Malaysia’s latest 5-Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty, BMW Tyre Warranty Programme and Free Scheduled Service program are:
BMW 730Li :RM 698,800.00
100th Year Anniversary Celebrations: RM 598,800.00 (2016 Reg’d cars only)
BMW 740Li : RM 888,800.00
100th Year Anniversary Celebrations: RM 788,800.00 (2016 Reg’d cars only)


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