November 19, 2014 @ 11:24 AM

News: Ford’s awesome October sales record

It’s rising! Ford’s sales record is rising faster than the share market. By Jerrica Leong

It’s rising! Ford’s sales record is rising faster than the share market. By Jerrica Leong
October is a good month for Ford, the brand’s sales for that month rose two per cent from the month previous to 1209 units. This result in turn brought up Ford’s year-to-date sales, raising it by 28 per cent to 11,426 units putting the company on pace for record sales year in Malaysia.

The rise in sales was led by the Ranger, EcoSport, Kuga and Fiesta nameplates. Leading the charge is Ford’s versatile Ranger pick-up rose 11 per cent for the prior month to 829 units but through October, Ranger sales surged 46 per cent up to 6831 units.

Everybody’s favourite affordable hatchback from Ford, the Fiesta had 159 units delivered to owners in October, helping to drive year-to-date sales up 28 per cent to 2750 units. The healthy demand for the Fiesta is being driven by its high performance 1.0-litre EcoBoost which CAR featured in our October issue.

Ford’s EcoSport also continued to gain traction during its second full month in the market, the compact urban SUV raked in sales that rose five per cent from September to 86 units. While Ford’s SUV Kuga rose ten per cent to 73 units in October contributing to year-to-date sales of 772 units.

Along with the announcement of the good sales results, Ford also announced the continued expansion of its Malaysia showroom in October with the arrival of the new feature packed Fiesta ST with 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine. The Fiesta ST will add a dynamic and high-performance boost to the Ford line-up in Malaysia when it arrives later this month.

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