November 09, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

Caltex announces winners to their contest

Caltex’s six week campaign has come to an end with a total of RM110,000 to given away.

In conjunction with the launch of their new RON97 fuel, Caltex held a contest which saw a number of lucky customers nationwide rewarded with cash prizes. The RON97 promotion kicked off in August and served as an opportunity to reward loyal and new customers who use Caltex’s premium fuel.
12 lucky winners received a call from Chevron Malaysia Limited, the company that retails the Caltex brand. Among the 12 lucky winners, Karuna Raj A/L Kandiah from Penang and Puan Wan Nasron binti Wan Muhanmood from Kelantan were the winners of the RM5000 grand prize. 
Mr Karuna has been a loyal Caltex Customer for the last nine years was excited to have won the grand prize of RM5000 in cash. He expressed “I participated in a previous Caltex promotion but luck was not on my side. This time, I am thrilled to have walked away with the cash prize from the RON97 Promotion. Thank you Chevron for this, and I look forward to the next promotion.”
As an individual who embarks on charity activities, Mr Karuna has plans to the RM5000 cash prize back to the community to give to those in need. Puan Wan Nasron on the other hand was thrilled to have received the call from Chevron about the prize money and will be using the money to fund their new home. 
“We at Chevron view our customers as the bedrock of our business and with the rising cost of living, we understand it is a challenge weighing heavily on people’s minds. It is through rewarding promotions such as the RON97 Promotion that we want to give back to our customers who choose our premium fuel,” said Chevron Malaysia’s Country Chairman, Shahid Ahmed.
Commenting further on the win of the RON97 Promotion, Shahid added, “It’s also very rewarding for us to know that we’ve made our winners happy. Quality is very important to us from all aspects – we are committed to providing the best for our customers, and this goes from the services that we offer, right down to providing the best fuel for their everyday drive.”
Caltex’s RON97 promotion started in August 2015 and took placed on a span of six weeks coming to an end on 30th September. During the campaign, Chevron rewarded more than 190 lucky customers with a share of over RM110,000 worth of prizes.
Jerrica Leong 

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