October 20, 2015 @ 01:19 PM

Braving the haze for the good of the environment

Even though we were plagued by the haze, Bridgestone brings out the volunteers to give back to the environment.

Since 2010, Bridgestone Malaysia has been partnering up with Global Environment Centre (GEC) in the Raja Musa Forest Rehabilitation programme. This year the company returns for its fifth year to continue their efforts to restore biodiversity to help ensure the sustainability of the environment. 
Earlier this month, Bridgestone Malaysia together with their business partner, wholesalers and Bridgestone PRO Shop retail channel nationwide gathered together at the Raja Muda Forest Reserve earlier this month despite the hazy weather. A total of 55 members attended and together the group planted 350 seedlings in the degraded forest.
Besides bringing the manpower to plant the seedlings, Bridgestone Malaysia also made a RM20,000 contribution to GEC to facilitate forest rehabilitation efforts at Raja Musa Forest Reserve. The facilities include improving water management, fire prevention, replanting of seedlings, capacity building, raising public awareness and reforestation exercises to restore the biodiversity of the forest. 

Bridgestone Malaysia’s “One Tyre, One Good Deed” campaign was launched to keep with the Bridgestone Group’s long-term environmental vision “In balance with nature”, a commitment the international company has to contribute to biodiversity through habitat enhancement, environmental education and research.
Jerrica Leong 

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