March 06, 2015 @ 06:03 PM

Behind the Wheel Episode 3 Part 2

The episode that will convert you into a classic car enthusiast. By Jerrica Leong

The episode that will convert you into a classic car enthusiast. By Jerrica Leong

The Triumph Spitfire seems to have taken the side lines as the Volvo 122S wagon takes centre stage. DC took the opportunity of driving his guests all the way down to Malacca, the city of history, to find his favourite snack. They even started a game with the wiper while the weather pours! Watch and find out how the game works!

If you’re not one to understand the appeal of classics then let this episode enlighten you about it. DC even marvelled about driving a car as “young” as he is, in the March issue of our magazine. I’m sure this episode also shows you how much passion our very own Writer, Arvind Kumar, has to the classics. Read his I own an Icon column every month and let him show you more about his passion and love for classics!

There’s nothing like driving a classic, back in the days when technology meant headlights and wipers and back when they build cars to have a good time. Speaking of which, can you imagine parking a car like the Volvo 122S wagon without any parking aids? I’ve had the pleasure of driving three modern day station wagon and it had been a saving grace to have the parking sensors not to mention the rear view camera as well!

Part two of Episode 3 marks the last episode of the Behind the Wheel series but there might be a season two in the making. We’ve had the chance to watch the brilliant experience of driving hot-hatches around in search for food trucks and taken a Ford Kuga off-road and throwing it back into its original habitat, not to mention we have an enlightening episode about the classics. How many of you would love to watch another unique experience with your usual everyday cars?

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