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We get Behind The Wheel of the latest webisode

What is Behind the Wheel? Jerrica Leong is here to answer that.

What is Behind the Wheel? Jerrica Leong is here to answer that.

Behind the Wheel embarks on a journey in search of exciting adventures with a vengeance! Well not really. Join the host Donald Cheah, aka DC, as he brings a set of guests made up of local celebrities around Malaysia’s capital in each episode with a unique theme. And when I say theme, I don’t mean the episode theme, I mean the car themes.

The first episode of Behind the Wheel features a pair of hot-hatches. Did you know that the hot-hatch category just celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014? CAR did a whole issue about hot-hatches in September 2014, if you didn’t pick up a copy, you can still download the Emag version here.

What is the first ever hot-hatch in history? If you answered the Mini Cooper S, you’re right! If your answer was the VW Golf, well, this car certainly started the trend for flying two-boxes but it wasn’t the seminar moment when a hot-hatch was born.

Back to Behind the Wheel, in the first episode you will see VW’s world famous hot-hatch, the Golf GTI all set for its performance. Where’s the Golf R you ask? While the R takes every good quality of the GTI and amplifies it the GTI is the more road friendly version of hot-hatches.

In the other corner, we have the Renault Megane. It’s all sleek style and aggressive edges for the Renault Megane making the car one of the best looking out of the present day hot-hatches. But here’s the thing, while the DSG gearbox in the Golf GTI has an option to switch between automatic and manual, the Megane only comes in manual.

So how will this three-pedal sexy hatch perform next to the well-loved Golf GTI? We’re going to have to wait for Part Two of Episode One to find out. Meanwhile, let's enjoy Part One first.

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