March 03, 2015 @ 05:46 PM

Tying the knot

BMW and Shell deepens their ties. By Jerrica Leong

BMW and Shell deepens their ties. By Jerrica Leong

Shell and BMW already have a standing partnership as the recommended supplier of genuine BMW engine oil and BMW group’s only recommended global supplier for aftermarket motor oils. Now the two companies are deepening their ties with Shell Helix Ultra joining forces with BMW’s motorsport division as its exclusive supplier of premium motor oils.

The fuel alliance means that Shell V-Power fuels are recommended for BMW’s M Automobiles, pinnacle of technology, and further shows using good motor oils are crucial in ensuring engine durability and enabling vehicle efficiency and performance. With their ability to clean, reduce friction and control temperature, the V-Power fuel plays a vital role in ensuring engine durability of the BMW M4 DTM car. Even during pre-season testing, BMW Motorsport has already seen enhanced performance benefits to the engine from using Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology.

Shell will be allocating a dedicated team of engineers to work alongside BMW Motorsport engineers. They will apply decades of motorsport experience to develop a blend of motor oil for the BMW M4 DTM car. The development is planned to be on-going throughout the season.

Shell hopes to that, through their partnership with BMW Motorsport, they will improve their overall fuel quality to bring the best for their customers as well.

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