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Sharp lines and sharper style

We're no stranger with the 520d is but here comes the limited edition BMW 520d Sport. By Jerrica Leong

The 520d is no stranger to most but here comes the limited edition 520d Sport. By Jerrica Leong

BMW introduced the 5 Series that sips diesel fuel rather than petrol quite a while ago. But majority of this country probably wouldn’t know of the existence of the 520d because, let’s face it, the diesel fuel is not up to quality in our region. But that didn’t stop us with testing the 520d out, just flip to page 52 for the full review of the car.

But before you flip the page, read about the 520d Sport first! We know it as a facelift but this 520d Sport can be easily distinguished from the normal diesel counterpart. You will find more prominent shoulder lines across the sides of the car while the bonnet sports a few extra sharper lines to accentuate a sportier, forward-moving character that BMW is aiming for.

To further highlight the performance character of the 520d Sport, BMW has added the M Aerodynamic exterior package to the car as well. Another character enhancing treatment that BMW had subjected the 520d Sport to is the upright BMW kidney grille. Look at the grilles at different angles, BMW has specifically designed the grilles to look like it is leaning forward, hence emphasising the forward-pushing motion concept.

The 520d Sport also comes shod with a set of 18-inch Doublespoke light alloy wheels. Talk about going all out on creating an image to match its name, BMW has gone all out!
Head inside and you will find an interior refined to give off a sporty impression with increased functionality. The dashboard is fitted with an M leather steering wheel with interior trim in high gloss Black.

Like every BMW, the 520d Sport comes with BMW ConnectedDrive that includes BMW Apps such as M Lap Timer, GoPro and Spotify. Unlike other BMWs though, the 520d Sport comes with a new Multifunctional Instrument Display that takes the place of the usual circular displays with a fixed speedometer and rev counter. The 10.25 inch monitor allows drivers to select and customise displays from a wide range of data choices on their choice of Driving Experience mode, Eco Pro, Comfort or Sport.

Even the engine was re-tuned to give a sportier drive. The new generation four-cylinder diesel engine produces an extra 6bhp more from 184bhp to 190bhp while torque numbers registered at 400Nm in comparison to 380Nm previously. The 520d boasts a 0-100kph sprint time of 7.7seconds with a top speed of 233kph.

But even with the more impressive numbers, the 520d Sport still delivers good fuel economy numbers. It recorded an average fuel consumption reading of only 4.1-litre/100kph and CO2 emissions levels of just 109g/km. That’s a nine per cent improve on fuel consumption compared to the previous engine offering in the BMW 520d.

Sales for the new BMW 520d Sport will start in April 2015 complete with BMW Service and Repair Inclusive package and will retail at RM354,800.00 on-the-road without insurance. If you’re captivated by the car, better whip out your cheque books and put your name down for one as soon as you can as the 520d Sport is limited to only 50 units!

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