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What do you want to see in 2016 F1 season?

Alright time to put it out there, what do you wish to see in the upcoming F1 season? Don’t be shy to express it!

2015 was a record breaking year for all things Mercedes, even for their Formula 1 team. It was utter domination for a team, one we have not seen since the sport’s fastest era started. Even when Red Bull had been the team to beat, Sebastian Vettel had only managed to rack in ten wins before the end of the season and there were comments that the sport became “boring” even then.
So we would like to know, if the sport in 2013 was uneventful what about 2015? There was only one other winner in 2015 on only three occasions whose name is not Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg and six other drivers who has made special appearances on the podium and one of them were dressed in scarlet.
Perhaps the season was rendered eventful because the sport now have a diva for a world champion, you can’t deny the numerous times that our dear world champion had shown just how… unsatisfied, shall we put it, he was whenever he didn’t get the chance to jump on the top step. He even went blond, providing much entertainment to the Fox commentators.
Or it could be the world champion’s team mate living up to his new nickname that he collected in 2014, and was Nasty to everybody even to his team. But this comes down to whether you consider off track behaviours a part of the sport or not.
If you’re part of the Tifosi, than you probably had cause for celebration with the scarlet team coming back on top. This has been a massive improvement since the team had endured a winless streak in 2014. But, unfortunately, the improvements the team brought in 2015 had not been enough to keep up with the awesome power of the Mercedes out in front of in every race but Singapore.
Williams was the best of the mid-grid strugglers with Red-Bull occasionally beating them out. Force India was another consistent challenger in this part of the competition whilst Toro Rosso made occasional appearances as strong competitors as well. Lotus had a rather inconsistent year, what with Maldonaldo mostly retiring before the end of the race and Grosjean forced to become a one-man-show.
In terms of good comebacks, it was Toro Rosso and their two rookie drivers who shined through the field of experienced drivers. Both with racing heritage in their blood it was Max Verstappen who provided most of the entertainment in 2015 and the crowd were always eager to see what Mad Max has to give at every race. Poor Carlos Sainz’s performance had been overshadowed by his mad teammate.
Sauber on the other hand also had a good year. The team had had a terrible 2014 season and their 2015 had seen the team occasionally joining the mid-field. But the same cannot be said about McLaren-Honda. This was probably the worst season the team had ever endured with Alonso retiring a majority of the races while both drivers saw themselves sitting in the relegation zone at every qualifying.
2015’s only new team, Manor Marussia, were the silent resilient team. Having missed out on the Melbourne race, the team had actually had more finishes than the McLaren-Hondas on their list. Well Marussia might have enjoyed a lonely 2015 but as you know Pat Fry is now on board and looking to make the team winners, in their own way even if it’s not literally. 
So what do you want to see in 2016? An improved Scuderia Ferrari team whose dream team will bring the fight to Mercedes? Definitely, for this Content Producer. Improved results for the McLaren-Honda team? The return of Red Bull to the front? Or louder F1 cars?
What about the new team with Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez in the hot seats? Will Haas be keeping Marussia company or will they be fighting with the mid-gridders? Or will they be left behind while Marussia heads for a level up? 
The first season testing is scheduled on February 22-25, so let’s hear your opinion. What do you want to see in the 2016 F1 season?
Jerrica Leong 

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