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Reviewed: Mazda2 SKYACTIV Hatchback

Jerrica Leong couldn’t wait to get her hands on the wheels of this little red hatchback, did it live up to expectations?

Jerrica Leong couldn’t wait to get her hands on the wheels of this little red hatchback, did it live up to expectations?

Let’s just say that the previous generation Mazda2 was understated, I mean it in a way that it is always on the periphery of a car buyer’s vision rather than front and centre. But while it did not shout, it still collected a number of following which contributed to a number of them including the not-so-good-looking sedan as well. Let’s say that all that is history for the all-new Mazda2 is not about to go down in the books as a “periphery” car. The new generation Mazda2 now joins the other Mazda siblings of the marque to be revolutionised by the Kodo: Soul of Motion design language and SKYACTIV technology. This new Mazda2 had impressed the world by winning every award known to the Motoring world, so it’s not a surprise that it came into our country with bang!

But does this new generation Mazda2 drive as well as its fellow SKYACTIV siblings? We’re eager to find out!

Exterior (Score: 5/5)

As I’ve mentioned, the new generation Mazda 2 is revolutionised by the Kodo: Soul of Motion design so it now bares resemblance with the newly launched Mazda3 and Mazda6 siblings that were first introduced with the new design language. With its yawning grille and sharp shoulder lines all the way to the diffuser at the back, the Mazda2 certainly cuts a stylish presence though I would say that it has a toned down aggressiveness compared to the 3.

It’s fierce, at the same time it’s more feminine than the others, maybe Mazda had ladies in mind when they penned the Demio (it’s what the 2 is known in Japan), since the design seem to appeal more to the ladies than it does to the gentlemen. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a number of male admirers but the majority of adorers belong to the ladies!

Interior (Score: 5/5)

While the exterior impressed, the interior just took one’s breath away. I might complain that the 2 sits a little too low than I would have preferred, but that just adds to the sports car feel that Mazda had been aiming for.

Leather bucket seats with red stitching come standard with all Mazda2s while carbon-fibre patterns cover the entire dashboard surface to give it a sporty yet elegant impression. It’s comfortable inside, with everything well laid out for the driver to navigate around. 

Power and Handling (Score: 4/5)

All you need to do is feather the throttle and the Mazda2 will fly like an EcoBoost. The piano pedal throttle allows you to rest your entire foot on the pedal to allow for easy feathering, it’s as if the 2 is designed to be feathered since too much pressure on the throttle would give you more torque than you ask for.

Although there are pedal gear shifts installed in the back of the steering, the steering wheel is very light, so there is a lack of a sporty drive in the 2. Let’s just say that the light handling reminds us that the 2 is first and foremost designed to be a city car though most of the car gives you the impression of a sports car.

Tech and Safety (Score: 5/5)

Now this is where the Mazda2 really shine, not surprising seeing as the 2 is now revolutionised with SKYACTIV technology so MZD Connect, reverse camera and a head up display can be found in the car as standard. Navigation will set you back another RM1200 but it is so much easier to work with compared to the Mazda3’s navigation. You even get i-Stop in the car to help save fuel.

When it comes to safety, this is where the 2 loses out to its competitors, the usual ABS with EBD, BA and DSC come as standard with every car but there are only two airbags compared to its competitor’s six.


Living with the Mazda2 for a few days has proved to us why the Mazda2 had collected a huge shelf of awards. Not only does the car’s handling appeal to us but the comfort and exterior level as well. It’s a car you can live with on a daily basis to tackle the ever congested roads of the city but yet has the talents of a sports car when you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

Overall Score: 19/20

Mazda2 Hatchback
RM85,466.30 without insurance
1496cc, SKYACTIV-G, In-line 4 Cylinder DOHC 16 valve, 114bhp @ 6000rpm, 148Nm @ 4000rpm
Skyactiv-Drive 6-Speed Automatic
Length/ height/ width
4060mm/ 1495mm/ 1695mm

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